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State of Hunger Fact Sheets can be found below. Fact Sheets are organized in alphabetical order by Representative or Senator. In order to access your report, click on the link that corresponds to your district number or representative. Click here to find out who your legislators are.


Adams, Roy Daryl

District: 62


Amedée, Beryl

District: 51

Bacala, Tony

District: 59

Bagley, Larry

District: 7


Beaullieu IV, Gerald "Beau"

District: 48


Bishop, Stuart J.

District: 43


Bourriaque, Ryan

District: 47


Brass, Ken

District: 58


Brown, Chad

District: 60


Bryant, Marcus Anthony

District: 96


Butler, Rhonda Gaye

District: 38


Carpenter, Barbara

District: 63


Carrier, R. Dewith

District: 32


Carter, Gary

District: 102


Carter, Robby

District: 72


Carter, Sr., Wilford

District: 34


Cormier, Mack

District: 105


Coussan, Jean-Paul

District: 45


Cox, Kenny R.

District: 23


Crews, Raymond J.

District: 8


Davis, Paula

District: 69


Deshotel, Daryl Andrew

District: 28


DeVillier, Phillip

District: 41

DuBuisson, Mary

District: 90


Duplessis, Royce

District: 93


Echols, Michael Charles

District: 14


Edmonds, Rick

District: 66


Edmonston, Kathy

District: 88


Emerson, Julie

District: 39


Farnum, Les

District: 33


Firment, Michael "Gabe"

District: 22


Fontenot, Bryan

District: 55


Freeman, Aimee Adatto

District: 98


Freiberg, Barbara Reich

District: 70


Frieman, Lawrence "Larry"

District: 74

Gadberry, Foy Bryan

District: 15


Gaines, Randal L.

District: 57


Garofalo, Raymond E.

District: 103


Geymann, Brett F.

District: 35


Glover, Cedric

District: 4


Goudeau I, Jonathan

District: 31


Green Jr., Kyle M.

District: 83


Harris, Lance

District: 25


Hilferty, Stephanie

District: 94

Hodges, Valarie

District: 64


Hollis, Paul

District: 104


Horton, Dodie

District: 9


Hughes, Jason

District: 100


Huval, Mike

District: 46


Illg Jr., John R.

District: 78


Ivey, Barry

District: 65


James, Edward C. "Ted"

District: 101


Jefferson, Patrick O.

District: 11


Jenkins, Sam

District: 2


Johnson, C. Travis

District: 21


Johnson, Mike

District: 27


Jones, Frederick

District: 16


Jordan, Edmond

District: 29


Kerner, Timothy P.

District: 84


LaCombe, Jeremy

District: 18


Landry, Mandie

District: 91


Larvadain III, Ed

District: 26


Lyons, Rodney

District: 87


Mack, Sherman Q.

District: 95


Magee, Tanner

District: 53


Marcelle, C. Denise

District: 61


Marino III, Joseph A.

District: 85


McCormick, Danny

District: 1


McFarland, Jack

District: 13


McKnight, Markham Scott

District: 68


McMahen, Wayne

District: 10


Miguez, Blake

District: 49


Miller, Dustin

District: 40


Miller, Gregory A.

District: 56


Mincey, Jr., Buddy

District: 71


Moore, Pat

District: 17


Muscarello, Nicholas

District: 86


Nelson, Richard

District: 89


Newell, Candace N.

District: 99


Orgeron, Joseph A.

District: 54


Owen, Charles

District: 30


Owen, Robert "Bob"

District: 76


Phelps, Tammy T.

District: 3


Pierre, Vincent J.

District: 44


Pressly, Thomas A.

District: 6


Riser, Neil

District: 20


Romero, Troy D.

District: 37


Schamerhorn, Rodney

District: 24


Schexnayder, Clay

District: 81


Seabaugh, Alan

District: 5


Selders, Larry

District: 67


St. Blanc III, Vincent "Vinney"

District: 50


Stagni, Joseph A.

District: 92


Stefanski, John M.

District: 42


Tarver, Phillip Eric

District: 36


Thomas, Polly

District: 80


Thompson, Francis C.

District: 19


Turner, Christopher

District: 12


Vacant - District 82

District: 82


Villio, Debbie

District: 79


Wheat Jr., William "Bill"

District: 73


White, Malinda

District: 75


Willard, Matthew

District: 97


Wright, Mark

District: 77


Zeringue, Jerome

District: 52


Abraham, Senator Mark

District: 25

Allain, Senator R. L. Bret

District: 21


Barrow, Senator Regina

District: 15


Bernard, Senator Louie

District: 31


Boudreaux, Senator Gerald

District: 24


Bouie, Senator Joseph

District: 3 


Carter, Senator Troy

District: 7


Cathey, Senator Stewart

District: 33


Cloud, Senator Heather

District: 28


Connick, Senator Patrick

District: 8


Cortez, Senator Page

District: 23


Fesi, Senator Michael

District: 20


Fields, Senator Cleo

District: 14


Foil, Senator Franklin

District: 16


Harris, Senator Jimmy

District: 4


Henry, Senator Cameron

District: 9


Hensgens, Senator Bob

District: 26


Hewitt, Senator Sharon

District: 1   


Jackson, Senator Katrina

District: 34


Johns, Senator Ronnie

District: 27


Lambert, Senator Eddie

District: 18


Luneau, Senator Jay

District: 29


McMath, Senator Patrick

District: 11


Milligan, Senator Barry

District: 38


Mills, Senator Fred

District: 22


Mills, Senator Robert

District: 36


Mizell, Senator Beth

District: 12


Morris, Senator Jay

District: 35


Peacock, Senator Barrow

District: 37


Peterson, Senator Karen Carter

District: 5


Pope, Senator J. Rogers

District: 13


Price, Senator Ed

District: 2      


Reese, Senator Mike

District: 30


Smith, Senator Gary

District: 19


Talbot, Senator Kirk

District: 10


Tarver, Senator Gregory

District: 39


Ward, Senator Rick

District: 17


White, Senator Mack Bodi

District: 6


Womack, Senator Glen

District: 32

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