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Louisiana’s Food Banks distributed 53 million pounds of food in 2014. This is approximately enough food for 44 million meals. They did this through a network of more than 900 community and faith-based organizations across Louisiana.

Louisiana’s Food Banks served 1.3 million meals to children through the Backpack Program and After school and Summer meal programs. Food Banks distributed 2.6 million meals to seniors through Adopt a Senior and senior meal programs.

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I was born and raised on the Peninsula, and feel incredibly blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful and diverse environment. I’m the hero of my own story. I married my best friend in the whole universe, and spend my days cultivating calm as I juggle the responsibilities of parenting our three children, trying to make a living in the Bay Area, and staying grounded on my spiritual path. Yoga helps a lot. I love to play games, find comic books to be the perfect story medium, and still roll around on my skateboard. As they say, you’re only as young as you feel. When did you start doing yoga? Somewhere around 5 and a half years ago, my lovely wife Katriona found her yoga practice. Being utterly inseparable, it was only a matter of time before her fervent wish that I follow her down a path of wellness was realized. Despite my protests that skateboarding was plenty of exercise, and a healthy fear of what a heated room would do to my ego, I finally accompanied her to my first Bikram class. It was everything I needed in mind, body, and spirit. Hot yoga opened up my lungs in a way that nothing had in years, and began to heal and strengthen parts of my body that I had long been neglecting. I spent about three years practicing Bikram style yoga anywhere from twice a week to once a month. It wasn’t until Kat found Yoga Health Center that I started to really take my practice seriously. I took more classes in that first month than I had in the entire year leading up to it, and it changed everything. Introducing a regular practice into my routine centered me in ways I hadn’t even imagined, and within the year I had once again followed my best friend’s lead. I went through teacher training, became certified as a yoga instructor, and began to teach. Do you have a favorite class? Favorite pose? Hot Fusion is my favorite format. The combination of Bikram and Vinyasa really fits my needs, but my favorite classes are the ones where I get to practice next to my wife. It’s been said that the hardest part of yoga is making it to your mat, and both of us practicing at the same time can be a challenge with our family’s schedule. But when we do get the chance, it’s like riding a wave of grounding energy to have her there, flowing with me. Thank you, teacher Kat. Supta Baddha Konasana is probably my favorite pose. I could use more restorative yoga in my own practice. What do you love about Yoga Health Center? Yoga Health Center is a pretty magical place. As a student, I find the teachers to be a source of inspiration, well balanced in skill and temperament. The variety of classes is superior. If you look at the schedule, you will find a class that fits your needs, and a capable and kind teacher to guide you. As a new teacher who just finished up my first year in October, I find the students to be of the highest caliber. Whether brand new to yoga, or seasoned practitioners, students at YHC have proven to be kind, curious, dedicated, and the best teachers I could hope for to guide my early journeys as an instructor. Do you have a fun fact about yourself? I’ve been volunteering as an elementary school art teacher for 12 years now. I teach an art class about every three weeks. Favorite Quote? “You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.” -Indira Gandhi