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Governor John Bel Edwards Issues Statewide Call to Action

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and First Lady Donna Edwards joined food bank leaders from across the state to issue a call to action for this holiday season. The group convened at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to bring attention to the current shortage of food on food bank shelves. Disasters around the country have put a strain on donations locally and bulk food opportunities nationally; with depleted shelves, Louisiana food banks are struggling to serve their communities in need.

Statewide, more than 783,000 Louisianans are food insecure, including many from highly vulnerable populations such as children, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. This is a devastating plight for many families, uncertain from where their next meal is coming or what it might look like. Food insecurity affects every community in our state; “The truth is, we may not have any idea that our neighbor, friend, or family member is in need,” said Governor Edwards.

“Whether it’s the child who hasn’t had enough to eat to get through the school day, the minimum-wage earner working two jobs to try to make ends meet, or the retired grandmother caring for her grandkids on a fixed income, food insecurity impacts Louisianans across all walks of life,” said Feeding Louisiana Executive Director Korey Patty.

Governor Edwards and the First Lady asked that, as families and businesses think about ways to give back this holiday season, they keep Louisiana’s food banks at the top of their minds. “Food banks are vital to the state and to our people,” stated Governor Edwards. "Between the five major food banks and their over 900 community partners, the Feeding Louisiana network distributes more than 63 million pounds of food to Louisianans in need and helps to connect over 5,000 low-income households to SNAP and other vital social assistance programs each year."

Alongside the Governor and his family, we ask everyone who is able this holiday season to consider donating to their local food bank. To learn more about the vital work of our network or find the food bank in your region, please visit our Our Members page.

Full video of the event can be found here.

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