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Fight Hunger One Plate at a Time

Join the fight against hunger by purchasing your Feeding Hope Specialty License Plate from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. Funds raised help support the association and raise awareness of hunger in Louisiana.

Supporters of Louisiana’s food banks can help fight hunger and show their support with the “Feeding Hope” specialty license plate from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. The Feeding Hope specialty license plate costs $25 in addition to regular registration fees and is renewed every two years. Of the $25 fee, $21.50 goes to the Louisiana Food Bank Association. By purchasing this specialty plate you are helping raise awareness of the challenge of hunger in Louisiana and supporting the work of the Louisiana Food Bank Association to solve hunger in communities throughout the state.

A limited number of plates are available in the Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Shreveport, and New Orleans Office of Motor Vehicle locations. The plate can also be ordered online through the OMV website.

Starting April 24, 2014 you will be able to go online to the Office of Motor Vehicle website “Special Plate Viewer” to order your Feeding Hope specialty plate.

1. Visit OMV’s website

2. Enter your current license plate number

3. Click on Special Interest and scroll through the list, click on “Feeding Hope”

4. Click on Ordering Details and follow the instructions on the form

5. You will need to print out the form (there is no online submission) and remit payment as noted

**Be sure to enclose a copy of your vehicle registration and proof of insurance!

If you have questions, please contact us at (225) 308-2038.

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